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Night Safari

(10 minutes from the Hotel)

Chiang Mai Night Safari is considered by many to be the most beautiful night safari in the world. Twice the size of the Singapore night safari it stands on over 300 acres. There is a day time area called the Jaguar Trail Zone and consists of a 1.2km walking trail around a lovely lake. There are over 400 animals to see here including White Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Tapirs, Monkeys, Camels, miniature Horses, Crowned and they even have wallabies and koalas.
The night time area is split into two zones, the Savanna Safari Zone and the Predator Prowl Zone. These sections are open from 6pm till midnight daily. Visitors travel through the different zones in the Night Safari in an open sided tram.
The tram ride is around 5km and takes about 1hr to get around it all. Trams run from 7pm till 10.30pm, with a tram every 15mins.

Baan Thawai.png

Baan Thawai

(10 minutes from the Hotel)​

The best quality and bargains of wood carving items can be found in Ban Thawai.
If you’re just here for a little souvenir shopping you won’t regret squeezing a half day tour in to your Northern Thailand schedule. Ban Thawai is the cheapest place in Thailand to find silk, antique reproductions, incense, candles, oil and soap gift packs, ornaments, lamps, bamboo products, wall hangings, frames, vases and much more. Most the items on display at Ban Thawai are uniquely Thai, many characteristically Northern and hand made from natural materials.
Ban Thawai is also famous for Asian antiques, some of which rank among the world’s best.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 18.05.35.png

Kad Farang Village

(5 minutes from hotel)

Boutique Lifestyle Mall project on Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road. It consists of variety of stores which meet the needs of modern families, people in the community, foreign families, and students.

Kad Farang Village also consists of a huge supermarket, Take-home restaurants, academic institutions, fashion stores, banks, and many more complete services.

Baan Muang Kung.png

Muang Kung Pottery Village

(10 minutes from the Hotel)

Muang Kung Village has been told its history by the ancestors from generations to generations that their ancestors who settled down in this village were Tai people who had been herded from Mong Phu and Mong Hsat in Kengtung, currently is a town in Shan State, Burma. It was an escape from an invasion of Burmese soldiers and there were only 6 families moved.
Almost every family in this village does pottery which is what they do as their main job. If you walk by little concrete streets in the village, you will find cruses in various type and different sizes including vases, pots, etc. lined drying in the courtyards. Moreover, on basements, there are many elders actively help painting earthenware. The most popular product is the boiler that has narrow top, bulge middle, and tapering bottom with a lid.

grand canyon.jpg

Grand Canyon Waterpark

(10 minutes from hotel)

The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai water park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Chiang Mai. Previously, the area was a borrow pit used for commercial purposes, then the area got abandoned and caused the pond to be filled with flood. Not long after, the pond turned into a beautiful sight of emerald-colored water, where its stunning appearance attracts many tourists.  
The water park is a relaxing family-friendly spot for leisure and recreational activities where you can swim, sunbathe, and cliff jump. Enjoy the day with a wide range of water activities with the care of friendly security team that are highly trained for your safety.

Royal Park Rajchapruek.png

The Royal Park Rajapruek

(10 minutes from the Hotel)

The Royal Park Rajapruek was built in the purpose of commemorating the 60th anniversary of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s accession to the throne on June 9, 2006 as well as celebrating his 80th Birthday Anniversary on December 5, 2007.
It is one of the most popular agro-tourism places of Chiang Mai and is counted as the center of Agricultural research. You will discover countless number of plants and varied kinds of agricultural exposition which would be advantageous to visitors at any age.
The landscape architecture of the park is gorgeous and very delicate. The exposition is divided distinctly into zones which make it easier for visitors to wander around the park and learn from everything you see since the very first step of yours here as there is a 250 million years old pine tree maintained at the entrance.

Wat Pratat Doikam.jpg

Wat Pratat Doi Kam

(15 minutes from the Hotel)

Buddha image. The name means golden mountain temple. Huge golden colored Naga serpents guard the stairs on both sides of the pagoda. 
Removed at some distance from the temple itself, an enormous white pearl Buddha statue is strikingly placed amidst the mountain greenery. Stairs carved in the form of white nagas (mythical water serpents) lead to a calm and quiet lookout point which offers a panoramic view of Chiang Mai. It is a great place to check out and watch the sun set or rise. Enjoy the crisp fresh air there and the view of the valley spread out before you. Opening hours: 8.00 Am – 5.00 Pm

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